Antique Carnelian Mano Figa Charm

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With more than one mystical meaning, the Mano Figa was worn in ancient times as a call to The Goddess for fertility, pleasure and protection. Carnelian gemstone is grounding and stabilizing, and is used to restore motivation, stimulate creativity, and promote courage. Wear this Carnelian Mano Figa for protection and prosperity, drawing on female power and boldness. Circa 1910.

  • Antique
  • 18k gold
  • Carved carnelian
  • Dimensions: 47x13mm at widest point
  • The mano figa is a protective talisman
  • Carnelian crystal is used to invoke creativity, grounding, and courage

Protect your piece! Apply makeup, perfume and hair spray before putting on your jewelry, and do not wear your gold pieces in a swimming pool as chlorine can damage gold.You can cleanse your jewelry by creating a solution of slightly warm water and dish soap and gently rubbing the solution over your jewelry with a baby soft toothbrush. Keep your pieces inside our keepsake box or in a selenite crystal dish to keep them safe and charged with uplifting energy.


Each vintage and antique piece is thoughtfully selected from individual estates and expert vintage curators. We carefully hand pick exceptional pieces that are meticulously crafted, focusing on materials and methods that will withstand the test of time. With every selection, we look for quality, beauty, and artistry that will make you take pause.


We embody the sacred, undeniable truth that the Earth is ours to look after, to nurture and protect. Our Fine Vintage Collection embodies the true meaning of sustainability—because each piece we choose already exists in its most perfect, preserved form, there is no production-related environmental impact. These timeless pieces are intended to be passed down when you’ve loved them enough, fulfilling future generations’ quest for beautiful, unexpected finds.


Our goal is to inspire you to reconnect with yourself and others, and consider the wonder that is time—it is by nature ephemeral, but the most memorable moments can live on eternally through keepsakes. Add your own story to the history of one of our vintage treasures. We believe in celebrating the dignity and divinity of all beings and appreciating the moments of connection that make up a lifetime.

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Antique Carnelian Mano Figa Charm — $1,495