Fine jewelry & ritual tools designed to awaken, empower & delight.

The Genesis Collection of Lucky Golden Eggs

Our ethos
Otherworldly elegance

From work to play to the forest (and everywhere in between), our sophisticated yet deeply symbolic styles are designed to be worn anywhere. Solid gold, sparkling diamonds and enchanting crystals mean our delicate talismans always look sublime.

Reclaim your power
Discover your divinity

Practicing supportive rituals – like adorning yourself with meaningful pieces and creating sacred spaces in your home – helps you connect with yourself in the deepest of ways. Our jewelry & ceremonial tools serve as empowering reminders of the Divine within and around you, there to help you heal and manifest whatever your heart desires. 

The Sacred Pendant

conscious & considered
Forever treasures

Our pieces are handmade in America and designed to be worn for generations. We avoid overproduction by making only what is ordered, and we further reduce our impact on Mother Earth by committing to responsible materials and methods. Our pieces arrive in recyclable keepsake packaging that is meant to be repurposed for years to come.

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