our roots
Our story is one of magic, of ancestral wisdom rekindled in the modern world, of delicate designs filled with potent energies.

Years ago, our founder Donnie Soddu, a marketing executive who found success building personal care brands, felt an overwhelming pull towards a path less traveled. She began a journey of spiritual self-discovery that would inspire her to study crystal healing and lead her to the wisdom of her ancestry, specifically of her fourth great grandmother, a matriarch responsible for healing her own community through ritual magic and herbalism. Donnie’s pursuit of spiritual expansion granted her a profound understanding of the power of energy, nature, and ritual in everyday life. 

This journey, which continues today, is the root of High Light Rituals, a company that nurtures the Divine in each of us, helping us draw on our power through fine jewelry and ceremonial objects. Our pieces are tools of transformation, delicate conduits of supportive energy that can empower you wherever you go, reminders of your own divinity at every phase of your journey.

Our company is a manifestation of the healing power within our founder’s maternal lineage. Sharing it with you is our way of continuing an important tradition of spiritual connection and community care.

“Each piece we offer you is a beacon of supportive energy, crafted with heartfelt intention to serve a specific purpose from pleasure to peace to protection.”

—Donnie Soddu, Founder & Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner

our mission
A more connected, compassionate world

We are all deeply interconnected, each of us small parts of a greater whole. By reconnecting with ourselves on a Soul level, we engage in a practice that heals and empowers, bringing us closer to our highest selves and helping us share our gifts with others. With our compassion deepened, we begin to notice once again the magic in our collective rituals and traditions; the timeless truths of existence that transcend time and culture, bonding us inextricably to one another and to the Earth.

High Light Rituals exists to honor this deeply personal journey through precious pieces that support and inspire you along the way.

We are proudly Mother-led, Black-owned, and committed to fostering a more generous and heart-centered future.

Our Community’s Impact

Support our mission of collective healing. 1% of your purchase will be donated to a cause that resonates with you the most.
Meet our nonprofit partners and see the impact our community is making below.

Our Commitment

Guiding Principles


At the heart of High Light lies a deep appreciation for artistry shared across generations. We embrace both time-honored traditions and modern techniques to create the highest level of quality in every piece. Inspired by classic workmanship and heritage design, our partners take pride in carefully crafting each piece to order, with a special touch that can't be replicated by machines.


We embody the sacred, undeniable truth that the Earth is ours to look after, to nurture and protect. To minimize our environmental impact, High Light pieces are handmade to order and crafted from certified recycled solid gold, ethically sourced materials, and consciously created lab-cultured diamonds.


We seek to inspire you to reconnect with yourself, to delight in the natural wonders we so often overlook, to feel gratitude for the gift that is the present – with the belief that these individual actions can lead to a deeper sense of compassion for others. We believe in celebrating the dignity and divinity of all beings and cherishing the sublime moments that make up a lifetime.