The Seeker Spell Bracelet
The Seeker Spell Bracelet The Seeker Spell Bracelet The Seeker Spell Bracelet The Seeker Spell Bracelet The Seeker Spell Bracelet The Seeker Spell Bracelet The Seeker Spell Bracelet The Seeker Spell Bracelet The Seeker Spell Bracelet The Seeker Spell Bracelet The Seeker Spell Bracelet

Awaken your Highest Self. 

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Awaken your Highest Self. 


Access infinite potential and inner power with the Seeker Spell Bracelet. This hand-crafted silk bracelet features solid gold beads and ethically-sourced gemstones that help you channel divine energy for growth, wisdom and protection:

  • Labradorite acts as a conduit for higher consciousness. Its energy clears mental clutter to reveal a path to your intuitive wisdom.
  • Moonstone channels the energy of the moon and the divine feminine, facilitating a deeper connection to intuition and inner wisdom.
  • Herkimer Diamond acts as a bridge between your highest self and the cosmic realm. Its clarity and high vibration amplify spiritual awareness and psychic abilities.
  • Clear Quartz, the “Master Healer”, amplifies and protects your spell.

Each bracelet includes instructions for an activation ritual to harness its full power. When the bracelet naturally breaks or the crystals detach, it's a sign that the seeker spell has fulfilled its purpose.

  • Energetically cleansed and charged in ceremony - our Founder, a Certified Energy Healer, personally charges each piece with supportive energy before sending it home to you.
  • Handwoven 100% natural silk
  • 2-3mm ethically-sourced faceted crystal beads
  • 18k solid gold round bead
  • 14k solid gold flower bead
  • Adjustable macrame closure
  • Handmade in America
  • Comes with instructions and an activation spell
  • Due to the handcrafted nature of our jewelry, slight variations in appearance, size, and detailing may occur. The natural materials used and the maker's personal touch all contribute to the charming differences that make each piece special.

    Wear the piece to access cosmic connection and spiritual awakening. Wear it to help you tap into your highest potential and navigate the currents of self-discovery.

    Like all of our Spell bracelets, you can wear this piece daintily on its own or stacked with our other styles for a layered look full of intention.

    Your spell bracelet is made of pure natural silk, a delicate fiber that will wear over time. This is by design. When your bracelet naturally breaks or falls off, it releases its energy and serves as a tangible sign that your spell has been heard at the right moment in your journey. When this happens, we recommend returning the materials to the Earth through burying the bracelet outdoors, or you can save it in a sacred space that is significant to you.

    To extend the life of your piece, avoid swimming or bathing in it, and avoid contact with cream, soap, and makeup.

    Place your bracelet into a selenite bowl or on a clear quartz cluster in order to cleanse and recharge. You may also place it in the sunlight or moonlight for a couple of hours. Save your instructions so that you can reprogram your piece when you feel called to.

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    The Seeker Spell Bracelet

    The Seeker Spell Bracelet — $100