The Genesis Pendant

A symbol of all creation a talisman for life. The Genesis Pendant helps channel good fortune for all that you bring into the world.

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A symbol of all creation a talisman for life. The Genesis Pendant helps channel good fortune for all that you bring into the world.


The beginning. The source. Slowly crafted of 18k gold, this divine golden egg talisman brings luck to all who give life. Engraved with three eight-pointed stars in homage to the goddesses of love and fertility, this lucky charm invokes the softness and strength of all feminine forces. The three diamonds are set within the stars to represent your past, present, and future selves and the intuitive wisdom you bring on this journey. An even more delicate, miniature version of our Large Genesis Pendant. Part of our Genesis Collection.

  • 18k solid gold
  • 3 round lab-created diamonds, VS1, totaling .03 carats
  • Handmade in America
  • Charm dimensions: 14x6mm
  • While we make every effort to maintain a high level of consistency in our craftsmanship, please note that due to the handcrafted nature of our jewelry, slight variations in appearance, size, and detailing may occur. The natural materials used, the maker's personal touch, and our intricate process can all contribute to the charming, subtle differences that make each piece special.

  • The number 3 is a divine number symbolizing harmony, connection, and cycles of life
  • The 8-pointed star is our signature mark in homage to Ishtar, Venus, and all goddesses of love, pleasure and beauty
  • The egg represents inner transformation, creation, and renewal

Protect your piece! Apply makeup, perfume and hair spray before putting on your jewelry, and do not wear your gold pieces in a swimming pool as chlorine can damage gold.You can cleanse your jewelry by creating a solution of slightly warm water and dish soap and gently rubbing the solution over your jewelry with a baby soft toothbrush. Keep your pieces inside our keepsake box or in a selenite crystal dish to keep them safe and charged with uplifting energy.


At the heart of High Light lies a deep appreciation for artistry shared across generations. We embrace both time-honored traditions and modern techniques to create the highest level of quality in every piece. Inspired by classic workmanship and heritage design, our partners take pride in carefully crafting each piece to order, with a special touch that can't be replicated by machines.


We embody the sacred, undeniable truth that the Earth is ours to look after, to nurture and protect. To minimize our environmental impact, High Light pieces are handmade to order and crafted from certified recycled solid gold, ethically sourced materials, and consciously created lab-cultured diamonds.


We seek to inspire you to reconnect with yourself, to delight in the natural wonders we so often overlook, to feel gratitude for the gift that is the presentwith the belief that these individual actions can lead to a deeper sense of compassion for others. We believe in celebrating the dignity and divinity of all beings and cherishing the sublime moments that make up a lifetime.

Select Length - 18 Karat Gold Chain:

Handmade to order. Available to ship in 6-8 weeks.

The Genesis Pendant — $1,150