The Lemurian Quartz Point

Connect to the universe within.

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Connect to the universe within.


We call it "The Light Guide". Lemurian Quartz is a beacon of enlightenment in crystalline form. This rare and radiant gem serves as a guiding light to higher consciousness, illuminating your path to deeper awakening. Its wise presence fosters spiritual growth and aids in healing, making it a perfect tool for meditation and deep introspective work.

Use It When...

Hold this crystal in your hand or place it on your crown chakra (or any of your higher chakras) to enhance your spiritual connection during meditation. Or keep it with you during times when you seek enlightenment, guidance, and healing energy.

  • 1 AAA-quality Silver Light Lemurian Seed Quartz
  • Ethically sourced from Colombia
  • Multiple stones are shown for size variation; kindly order multiple stones if you would like to receive more than one

    Crystals are nature’s delicate jewels and have the unique ability to absorb and retain energy. These vibrations can range from negative to positive, emanating from the people, environments, or objects that surround them. The energy they accumulate may be stagnant or simply not aligned with the energies you wish to have on your body or in your space.

    To ensure your crystals can optimally support your unique practice, be sure to periodically cleanse and activate them. Cleanse your stones using smoke from sacred herbs like sage or palo santo, water, sea salt, moonlight, sunlight, or reiki. Be sure to understand the specific care requirements for each crystal, as some may be sensitive to water or sunlight and may be damaged if not handled correctly.

    For help with cleansing and activating your crystals, contact us at We’d be honored to assist you.


    Each element of our ritual offering is ethically sourced or crafted by small businesses. Our partners have decades of experience working with natural specimens and delicate art objects, following the highest standards of quality.


    We embody the sacred, undeniable truth that the Earth is ours to look after, to cherish and protect. To minimize our environmental impact, our pieces are handmade to order and crafted from certified recycled solid gold, ethically sourced materials, and consciously created lab-cultured diamonds.


    We’re here to inspire you to reconnect with yourself and the world around you on a Soul level. We honor and support this deeply personal journey through empowering pieces that bring you closer to your Highest Self.

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