Five Ways to Connect with Spirit Through Rituals of Adornment

Five Ways to Connect with Spirit Through Rituals of Adornment

There’s something magical about clasping your lucky necklace and letting it fall against your chest before leaving the house. Practices of adornment and rituals of wearing jewelry are time-honored traditions, and the use of ritual jewelry goes back thousands of years. Ancient people have been discovered buried with their sacred jewelry pieces in every culture. In one instance,  in a burial mound in southwestern Siberia, archaeologists discovered the glass beads of a necklace believed to be 2,600 years old. Rituals of adornment are not solely for the past, as jewelry can be imbued with spells, worked with in rituals, and called upon for healing in modern life. Perhaps you are already working with jewelry ritually subconsciously, or maybe you are already ritually minded, casting spells with your sacred and favorite pieces.

Here are five ways to connect with spirit through rituals of adornment

Wearing Jewelry to Set an Intention 

Call on rituals of adornment to help set intentions. To do this, first, cleanse the piece using sacred smoke, salt, or crystals. Then, hold the jewelry in both your hands. Speak your intention over the jewelry three times. For example, “I call in love in all its forms into my life for the highest good,” or “I call in abundance for myself and my community for the highest good.” Remember your intention when you take the jewelry on or off. Or check in daily with the piece as you wear it, reminding yourself to cultivate this intention in your life. 

Adornment as a Protection Spell 

Much like how warriors would wear specific armor for battle, jewelry can be used as a protective shield. Speak a spell of protection over your rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, and feel them absorb any negative energy that comes your way. For example, “With this ritual, I craft a spell / protection and safety I compel, / As I wear this jewelry here, / there is nothing for me to fear.” Use healing smoke to cleanse your pieces, place them in a dish of salt, or allow them to sit in the light of the moon to help clear any energy from your day-to-day. 

Rituals of Adornment to Ground and Center 

Wearing specific jewelry can aid you in grounding and centering. For example, adorning yourself with jewelry intentionally imbued with the healing power of crystals can balance, support and transform your energetic body. When you feel your energy become low, chaotic or detached, simply pause, touch the necklace you’re intentionally wearing, and take a deep breath. Using your jewelry as a tool to center yourself helps you move through your day with greater clarity and ease. 

Connecting with the Moon’s Magic through Jewelry 

When working with the moon, you can use your jewelry to connect to the magic and spirit of this celestial body. Place your jewelry on a windowsill or inside a bit of silk outside to absorb the glow and energy. You might feel called to do this on a new moon phase if you wish to enchant your jewelry with the energy of new beginnings or intention setting, or on a full moon if you wish to charge your jewelry with the powers of release, wholeness, or celebration. 

Wearing Jewelry as Ancestral Veneration 

Rituals of adornment can be a way to honor your ancestors. By wearing jewelry handed down through your family, you can honor those who came before you and remember them daily, working with your body as an altar. Suppose you don’t have a relationship with your ancestors, or you have no heirlooms to wear. In that case, you can purchase auspicious pieces of jewelry in the name and honor of a specific family member, or lineage line, or acquire jewelry that is special to you to pass down to the next generation, as you will one day be a benevolent ancestor. 

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